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Ever since its inception in 1875, Toshiba Air Conditioning has always been one of the leading innovators of air conditioning technology. With the client’s goals and needs in mind, we have never failed to disappoint. With several ‘World’s first added to our prestige, Toshiba is well known to be one of the top leaders in innovative and energy-efficient air conditioning technology since 1935. We are the brains behind the invention of the first split air conditioner in 1961 and inverter air conditioner in 1981 in the world. Some other notable inventions include the invention of the world’s first DC twin rotary air conditioner in 1993, digital inverter controls in 2003, and the industry-leading 7th generation SMMSe VRF system with incredible features such as the NFC service tool in 2013.

In the Middle East, Toshiba offers an array of solutions for VRF, Residential, and Light Commercial applications along with trained, qualified, and licensed certifications like ESMA, ESTIDAMA, ISO, AHRI, etc. Our motto has never failed to bring our clients’ needs first along with cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions. Our vision focuses our attention on innovation, market-leading technology, sustainability, and investments in corporate-level research and development centers spread across three continents.

Our customers can benefit greatly from our excellent designs, energy-efficient solutions, occupant health, comfort and air quality, safety, and product durability. Our solutions will ensure a faster return on investment (ROI), lower operating costs, and higher operating efficiencies. We provide outstanding services to-residences, commercial buildings, shopping malls, educational institutions, prayer areas, shopping malls, commercial areas, and healthcare facilities. Klima Global is a trusted and reliable partner of Toshiba and has the expertise and the capability to support you all the way.


Klima brings world-class air conditioning to homes around the world. Our range of premium products from  Toshiba deliver powerful cooling, energy-efficient operations, and quiet comfort.

Variable Refrigerant Flow

Klima Global offers you innovative technologies that provide the best in comfort, performance, and value-for-money with Variable Refrigerant Flow systems (VRF).

Light Commercial

Klima Global brings you a comprehensive range of light commercial air-conditioning solutions covering a wide capacity range, to suit your specific requirement perfectly.