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Air handling unit

Check out the air handling unit options suitable for your project.

Comfort Air Handling Unit

Detailed information on our Comfort Air Handling Units which are widely used in many areas such as air conditioning of hotels and shopping centres.

Fresh Air Handling Unit

Fresh air handling units are used when the usage of mixed air is unwanted.

Hygienic Air Handling unit

Detailed information on the Hygienic Air Handling Units which are specifically designed with advanced features for hospitals, medicine production facilities, laboratories and for health institutions requiring “clean rooms”.

Air Handling Units with Heat Recovery

Optionally, the unit can be designed to operate with mixed air. Although heat recovery does not take place at a degree as in the case of 100% fresh air operation, still there will be some remarkable degree of heat recovery.

Packaged Hygienic Air Handling Unit

The units are used in locations, where accurate and sterile conditions are required, such as laboratories, surgical operating rooms, clean rooms. Such areas are required in various industries like food, defence, space and aeronautics.

Air Handling Unit for Pool Dehumidification

Technical information on Pool Dehumidifiers which are developed to control relative humidity in the buildings housing an indoor swimming pool.