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ACSmart is a management system that controls HVAC systems by smart package solutions. It uses data collected from the sensor having high sensitivity range.

  • Project design, application and commissioning
  • MCC and DCC panels conforming to CE and IEC norms
  • Output quality controls checks completed
  • 380/400V standard mains and 24V DC control voltage
  • Standard panel interior lighting and additional 220 V outlet
  • Aftersales service

Easy Operation

  • Connection and deployment is as easy as possible
  • Easy software
  • Trouble free comissioning

Integrated Applications with Low Cost Options

  • External keypads
  • Integrated RF/EMI filter

Universal solution platform (0.25 – 1900 kW)

  • Online, offline and ability to drive servo motors
  • Complete solution for industrial applications
  • Expandability with additional I/O modules
  • Integrated RFI/EMI filter

Building Automation HVAC Drive (0.75-132 kW)

  • Optional communication over building automation infrastructure
  • Fire mode
  • Real time clock applications
  • Integrated RFI/EMI filter

Control Panel

Adjustable parameters allows automated control of many different aspects such as humidity, temperature, fresh air ratio.

  • Aesthetic, functional
  • Tailored user screen design by HMI (human machine interface)

Three-Way Valve Servo Motor

Three way valve servo motor with 3-way valve, 24 VAC, spring return, float control options

Damper Servo Motor

Dampers for fresh air, exhaust air and mixed air are positioned accurately according to data collected from the sensors; 24VACi, 220VAC on-off proportional (0-10v) options

Differential Pressure Switches

Provides information on clogging of air filters and fan motor-belt rupture; on-off 20-300 Pa, 100-1000 Pa options.


  • Temperature sensors
  • Pt1 100, Pt 1000, LG-NI 1000
  • Channel type, dip type, local type options
  • Humidity sensors
  • Accurate humidity data 0-95% (rh), 0-100% (rh)
  • DC, 0-10v, 4020ma
  • Air quality sensors
  • VOC (volatile organic compound) CO2
  • VOC + CO2
  • DC 0-10V, 0-2000ppm options
  • Speed sensor
  • Air duct air flow speed data DC 0-10v 4020 mA

Freeze Thermostat

Three different functions with values set against freezing risk of heat exchanger in winter conditions.