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Laminar Flow Unit

Effective Protection Against Contamination Risks

Laminar flow units are designed to reduce the number of microorganisms to 1 per cubic meter. The unit provides stable and low turbulence sweep air flow for surgical operations and protected areas. Sweep air flow output of the unit removes the contaminants in the ambient air. The unit reduces the microorganism risks to the minimum level via the homogenous air flow provided by its superior design. Sweep air flow dilutes the concentration of harmful gas in the anaesthesia area and removes it before it reaches to the personnel.

Minimal Pressure Loss & Minimal Energy Consumption

ACS Laminar flow unit uses class H13 AAF brand HEPA filters having high flow rate with low starting pressure (115-185 Pa).

Design Benefits and Easy Installation

Although the units are transported as a complete it is possible to dismantle the units into three parts so that the pieces can be handled through standard room doors.

Guaranteed Sealing

Our laminar flow units are subjected to sealing tests at the production stage as per DIN 1946/4 and DIN 25414 standards.

Homogenously Distributed Air Speed

Air distribution system, composed of stainless plates with a decorative panel and a laminator, provides uniform speed distribution and low turbulence with an aesthetic look.

Lighting System

Laminar flow units are equipped with a self lighting system in order to contribute room lighting.

Easy and Safe Maintenance

ACS laminar flow units are built from stainless steel that is resistant to corrosive effects of disinfectants. Corners, recesses and protrusions are kept as minimum as possible in the interior design of units to enable easy hygienic cleaning. Sealed filter slots with sealing test connection are provided inside the unit to avoid damage risk during the installation of HEPA filters.

Test Aerosol Sampling Probe

A test aerosol sampling probe is provided in the high pressure side to enable aerosol sampling for the validation of laminar flow unit.

Guaranteed HVAC Validation

Our laminar flow units conform to DIN 1946/4 test standards with guaranteed LAF HVAC validation.

  • Homogenous gas distribution
  • Minimal pressure loss
  • Sealing test connection
  • Gasket sealing test
  • Easy installation
  • Decorative panel
  • Stainless steel
  • Self lighting