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Air handling units with heat recovery


Air Handling Units with Heat Recovery

There is an effective heat transfer takes place between the fresh air coming in and the air discharging out of the air handling units with heat recovery. The efficiency of the heat recovery reaches to the levels up to 70%. The level of energy saving varies depending on the location and temperature and air volume of fresh air.

Optionally, the units can also be designed to operate with mixed air. Although heat recovery does not take place at a degree as in the case of 100% fresh air operation there will still be some remarkable degree of heat recovery.

There are two types of heat recovery namely air-to-air and air-to-water.

Water to Air Heat Recovery

There are two separate exchangers in the water-to-air heat recovery systems. One exchanger is on the exhaust side and the other is on the fresh air side. These two exchangers operate in a close circuit by means of a water recirculation pump.

The purpose of the system is to reclaim the energy of the air on the exhaust side and transfer it to the fresh air; the system can be used for both heating and cooling.

Air to Air Heat Recovery

In air-to-air heat recovery systems, the energy of the exhaust air is transferred to the fresh air via heat converters consisting of aluminium profile plates. Units can be designed differently depending on the requirements of projects.