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Package type hygienic air handling units


Package Type Hygienic Air Handling Units

Package Type Hygienic Air Handling Units have been developed to meet the requirements of hygienic spaces and clean rooms used by the medicine technology. The units are used to meet air conditions and positive and negative pressure requirements in surgical operating rooms, clean room, food, air defence, space and aviation industries and medicine and chemical industries where similar sterile applications take place.

Package Type Hygienic Air Handling Unit combines a hygienic air handling unit and cooling group within the single unit thus provides an advantageous solution. Optionally, DX unit can be used with water heat exchangers, condenser and compressor group can be placed inside or outside the unit in order to meet project requirments.

  • Anaesthetic gasses and other contaminants in the surgical operating rooms are removed by means of fresh air.
  • Contaminant content of fresh air is extensively filtered before the HEPA filter.
  • Any contaminant from the adjacent spaces is avoided by keeping a positive ambient pressure using air flow adjustment on suction and blowing.
  • Microbial passage is avoided by keeping the septic spaces at negative pressure.
  • Ambient temperature and humidity values are maintained accurately.
  • Smooth interior surface is formed by means of K-profile and galvanized steel framework that are specially designed for hygienic series.
  • AISI 304 stainless steel interior panel layers.
  • Stainless steel skids for filters and heat exchangers.
  • Class G4(panels), class F7 and F9(compact) filters.
  • DX cooling exchangers with copper pipes and epoxy coated fins.
  • Monitoring glass and lighting armatures on fan, filter and humidifying compartments.
  • Direct drive NICOTRA plug fans.
  • High efficiency SCROLL compressors.
  • Steam humidifiers.
  • Aluminium air dampers.

Package Type Hygienic Air Handling Units


The cabinet frame is composed of specially rolled galvanized steel profiles and plastic brackets designed specially for these aluminium profiles. In order to minimise pressure loss and avoid aggregation of contaminants inside the air handling unit, a smooth interior surface is formed by means of the profiles specially designed for hygienic series.


The panels constituting the body have double layers. The exterior surfaces of the panels are made of electrostatic powder coated galvanized sheet of 1 mm thickness; and the interior surfaces are made of stainless steel sheet of 1 mm thickness.

Two layers are connected via patented K-profile. The heat and sound insulation is achieved by filling the gap between layers with 50 mm thick rock wool at 70 kg/m3 density.

Panels are installed on the framework with special gaskets for sealing and smooth interior surfaces free of recess or protrusion.


Air handling unit uses NICOTRA plug fan which are centrifugal fans without scroll. The fans have impellers with backward curved blades and they are statically and dynamically balanced, silent and high efficient fans and are suitable for speed control and easy to clean inside the air handling unit.

Motor is directly coupled to the rotor. This way power loss caused by transmission components is avoided and contamination and breaking risk of belt is eliminated. Because the revolutions of the fan and the motor are the same air flow rate control can be managed by controlling the frequency in the fans.

Fans are powered 380V /50 Hz. Asynchronous motors have IP55 protection class and F isolation class.


Fresh air and exhaust air dampers are composed of aerodynamic aluminium flap profiles having smooth double layers with low resistance.

Edges of flaps and frames are equipped with gaskets to provide sealing. Spring return Damper on/off servo motors are used for the dampers serving in sterile spaces.


Following filters are used: class G-3 panel filter at freh air intake, class F-7 bag filter at the second stage and finally class F-9 compact filter at the unit outlet.

These filters have high capacity of dust removal. They are used with specially designed tightening filter skids with gaskets to maintain sealing.

Differential pressure indicators are used to monitor clogging of filters.


Cooler exchangers are composed of copper pipes and epoxy coated aluminium fins. Copper pipes are used for collector in order to avoid corrosion due to condensation.

Installation on skids enables easy dismounting and removal of the component for servicing outside the unit. All bypass plates and skids are stainless steel.


These are standard humidifiers with electro boilers and ratio adjustment. Ambient humidity ratio is maintained by means of humidity sensors.


Compressor is selected according to cooling capacity, air volume and requirements of place. Scroll type compressors are preferred because of silent and zero vibration operation with low losses and high efficiency.

The refrigerant is R407C.


Condenser is selected according to cooling capacity, air volume and requirements of place. The component are designed to be suitable for outdoor installation an operation.

The refrigerant is R407C.


PLC, electric board and automatic control equipment are used to adjust and maintain the values of temperature, humidity, positive pressure and negative pressure of filtered air used in the hygienic space.

The unit interprets the data transmitted by the sensors and changes the air flow until the required set values are reached in the space.

  • Frequency control
  • Touch Screen Panel
  • 0 – 100% humidity and temperature control
  • 0 – 100% automatic air volume control
  • Proportional heat control
  • PID, PLC operation logic
  • Complete MCC, with DCC Control Board